by Will Schreiber

Acting like a Github recruiter

I interrupt the highly irregular but continually aspirational drip of daily Second Breakfast prose to briefly act like one of those recruiters who scrapes your email off Github.

Two things.

  1. We’re looking for a Rails developer who can contribute about 60 hours/month to help us ship an amazing Bottle 2.0.
  2. My friend Jane and her cofounder Sabrina are looking for a founding engineer for their women’s health company, Pollie.

First, Bottle.

Bottle combines memberships + texting + order-ahead to fix retention for local businesses. Bottle merchants frictionlessly text with their customers, build followings, and remind members to order without forcing subscriptions. Drives higher weekly revenue.

We started Bottle in 2016. We’ve grown using the money our customers pay us every month. And now we’re building Bottle 2.01 with Rails and Vue.

We need a Rails developer to help us with the backend. This developer will work with me to plan the app’s logic and build necessary API endpoints. We use Heroku, Postgres, JSON:API, Pusher, Algolia, and coffee.

Perks: you get to laugh at all the mistakes we’ve made.
Cons: you have to cry at all the mistakes we’ve made.

Second, Pollie.

My friend Jane and her cofounder Sabrina started a women’s health company called Pollie to improve the patient journey for PCOS, endometriosis, and other hormone imbalances. I love what they’re doing.

They’re hiring for a founding engineer role.

Hit me up or email will @ sendbottles if you’re interested in chatting about either.

  1. Here’s the Bottle 2.0 checkout experience we’re building. Now we need to bring it to life: