by Will Schreiber

Around the world in 80 hostels

One of the most fun aspects of our trip has been meeting people from other countries around the world.

Last night, Elizabeth went out with a group of friends she’d made. Some Dutch, some Brits, some Canadians. Some people from Brazil and Italy.

This morning, we went to breakfast with two of the friends she made last night. It was fun hearing their perspective on the night of the Trump election, the Kavanaugh proceedings, and their travels.

Last night at dinner, we sat across the table from three earthy musicians. Two from Scotland and one from Israel. One of the Scots and the Israeli had just hitchhiked through China, playing music along the way. The woman from Scotland said she was a precocious 5-year-old piano player. Then she fell in love with metal and never looked back.

As we motorbike around to Pai Canyon, and the Chinese Lookout, and the various waterfalls, it’s fun running into people we know, and chatting with them as we all slide down the falls.

I have never done an extended trip at hostels like this before. I’ve found it very rewarding.