by Will Schreiber

Avoiding a bad day

If I do any of these things, I have a bad day:

  1. Hit snooze
  2. Scroll Twitter before getting out of bed
  3. Fail to chug water in the morning
  4. Do 0 push-ups before noon
  5. Open when opening new tabs
  6. Watch YouTube videos
  7. Fail to run by 6pm
  8. Fail to write at least one sentence
  9. Spend all day on calls
  10. Go to more than once
  11. Spend hours figuring out a banal customer support ticket
  12. Feel envy
  13. Feel jealousy
  14. Feel regret
  15. Not talk to anyone all day

The easiest way to have a good day is to avoid a bad day.

Today I had a good day.