by Will Schreiber

Being prolific

A group of teens in Maryland is sharing one Instagram account in order to confuse Facebook’s ad targeting. By browsing and posting from different phones in different places, Instagram can’t figure out what ads or interests to show in the Discover tab.

Prolificacy is the reaction to the modern world.

Instead of trying to hide behind “Private Browsing” Chrome tabs, there should be a service that continuously crawls the web in the background to obfuscate your browsing history.

Instead of sweating every picture and comment posted to Instagram for fear of ruining your image, have a “casual” Insta and a “serious” Insta and a “friends” Insta and a “work” Insta.

Instead of worrying about how the news is going to report your press conference as President, overwhelm them with an avalanche of ridiculous gaffes and insane comments.

When Al Gore was asked in Nashville how he sees the balance between privacy and security playing out in the next decade, he noted how the CIA and FBI had all Al Quaeda-related communications prior to 9/11 on record. They missed the attack because the noise:signal ratio was way too high.

We live in a world where everything is on record, things move terrifyingly fast, and people are being “cancelled” every day.

The most effective reaction to this new world is being prolific.

Multiple identities are better than one. An avalanche of thoughts guards your most controversial ones.