by Will Schreiber

“Down” Market

We got into an argument the other night about whether you should say “Go Up Market” or “Go Down Market” when telling someone to go down Market in the direction of this arrow:

Map of SF

I think (despite the fact the street numbers are ascending from 1st to 10th) the proper verbiage is “Go Down Market” because you’re moving South(west).

I always anchor myself to maps. I like knowing what direction I’m walking in. I like reading maps and seeing how the streets come together.

When I pop up out of a Subway station and don’t know which direction I’m facing, I feel nauseous. I get the same sick feeling when I wake up in a new bed and can’t remember how I’m positioned in the room relative to the outside world.

Maps are cool. No idea how we used to make them so accurately without overhead views.