by Will Schreiber

I forgot my laptop

I got home and unzipped my backpack. My laptop wasn’t in its padded pocket.

I fired up Find My… and there it was, pulsing on the map, at Park and 17th about 1.5 miles away.

My first reaction was to panic. How am I going to provision these new accounts?

And then my second reaction was calmer. Maybe I don’t need to do anything tonight.

This is the first night I’ve slept further than 10 meters away from my laptop since our 2019 trip into the Kyrgyzstan backcountry.

So here I am, writing.

It’s nice knowing I can’t do the things I have the urge to do tonight. I was going to manually provision accounts for new Bottle 2.0 merchants — but I shouldn’t still be doing those anyway. Instead, we need to build an internal New Merchant form.

My dad jokes that in college his job was to tap the keg. For four years he tapped every keg. When I graduate, surely they’ll be living in a beer desert, he thought.

August rolled around and nobody called him. The keg got tapped. People partied.

My forgotten laptop is an act of forced delegation. I don’t have access to my console. All I can do is write a spec for an internal form, and then wait for it to get built.

No git checkout -b billy/fixes for me tonight.

… I do still have my iPad though :)