by Will Schreiber

New one-mile PR

There’s a homeless tent encampment surrounding the SF DMV at the far east end of the Panhandle. It’s where I started my run yesterday.

Through the park, into Golden Gate, past the conservatory, and to the first bridge is 1.5 miles.

I turned around at the bridge, went back up JFK, past the conservatory, and back into the Panhandle.

As I passed the toddler playground, the only other person on the path was a woman 200 yards ahead.

As I got closer, I noticed she was talking to herself. As I got even closer, I noticed she was shouting at the trees.

About 50 yards out, she turned and starting running toward me, hands moving up and down, screaming, waving a crackpipe like a wand.

I swerved left into the grass. She threw the pipe at me.

Two women standing in the yard glanced at us, then turned their attention back to their young kids.

I kept running and didn’t look back.