by Will Schreiber

Organizing my thoughts

When I sit down in front of my laptop, I’ll start upgrading our Stripe integration for Bottle to comply with new EU/CA regulations.

And then I’ll get pulled into fixing something with the checkout flow. Then I’ll start thinking about our scheduled action architecture. Then I’ll chip away at our upgrades to “Message Templates.” Then I’ll start thinking about the automation UI, how we need to improve the concept of “Audiences,” how we need to finish and ship new signup pages for our merchants, how the checkout flow needs to be customizable, how we need to expose more analytics, how PDF’s and Excel downloads and reports need to be improved, how we need to give insight into automations that have run, how customer info needs to be highlighted, how shortcodes need to be added, how link tracking is needed, how scheduled message reporting needs to be added, how we need onboarding handholding and signup and plan management and credit card intake and account management and new checkout options and embeddable signup forms and a horizontal nav on the product selection screen and bug fixes for phone calls.

When I circle back to the upgrading of our Stripe integration, I’m out of breath.

Writing here every day has been very cathartic. It’s helped me organize at least one thought every day. And that’s an accomplishment, and it sets me up to be happy about my day.

One of the major things Andy and I have talked about is where to go from here. Should we raise money? Should we stay bootstrapped? Am I good enough to push the product forward? Can we build revenue to hire the next designer and developer?

Writing also helps me work through those questions. Not that I arrive at answers, but it at least organizes my thoughts.