by Will Schreiber

Running, one year apart

On April 4th of last year, we drove down to the St. Luke’s Outpatient Clinic in Hailey and the doctor sawed my cast off. I had my arm back! I could type again!

A few days later, I started jogging every morning with Elizabeth. We’d leave our apartment and run to the Warm Springs Lodge and back.

I could barely run the 3 mile loop. Maybe part of it was the 5,000’ of elevation, but more likely it was because I was terrible at running.

On 4/20/2019, I recorded a 4 mile run at a 9:57 pace. Slow and painful.

I started to actually enjoy running in Sun Valley. I dreaded getting going, but once we were outside and moving, I loved it. I loved the snow-covered Sawtooths and the cold air. Since we left, one of my process goals has been to run every day.

On 4/20/2020, I recorded a 4 mile run here in SF at a 8:26 pace. Still slow, but getting faster. And unlike last year, I enjoyed it the entire time.

4/20/2019 in Sun Valley

4/20/2020 in San Francisco

The running/biking trail in Sun Valley