by Will Schreiber

Stay, leave, or create a hacker house?

We moved to SF in October. After 18 months of lugging my Osprey around, I wanted an office to walk into and a coffee shop to meet new friends in.

Industrious is now closed.

Bean Bag is closed.

So much for having an office and meeting new people.

Our one bedroom is $3,400/mo, not including the internet, water, electric, and trash. We aren’t allowed to sublet. It’s a two-month penalty for breaking the lease.

Bottle is remote. Elizabeth is now indefinitely remote. We are mulling three options.

Option 1: Leave. $

We break the lease, suck up two months of rent, visit family and friends, and then move somewhere new in the fall. Maybe we move across the country. Maybe we build an a-frame in Idaho.

Option 2: Wait it out. $$$

Stay in the lease. Visit some family this summer or rent a house for a week or two somewhere just to get out of our little apartment. Recognize that people will be willing to make new friends again, perhaps sooner than we think.

Option 3: Create a hacker house. $$

We break the lease, find a four-bedroom, granite-countertop home in a climate where it cools off at night, convince 4-6 other people to join us, and spend the summer with a tightknit group of people* who want to work during the day and split cooking duties at night.

*Romantically this would be either close friends or people who are also building companies.