by Will Schreiber

To the next chapter

Yesterday, the movers showed up at 9:15am. Our apartment was empty by 1pm.

We loaded up the Subaru and started driving up I-80. Goodbye, San Francisco.

The air quality index was “Dangerous” when we went to bed near Squaw Valley’s mountain base last night.

The air cleared up a bit this morning. “Dangerous for those with existing conditions,” the app said.

We walked over to the Exhibition ski lift and walked partway up the mountain before turning around to get back to our laptops for the workday.

I’m glad most of our stuff is in storage. We’ve got skis, clothes, two giant widescreen monitors, and a car. It feels like we’re hauling around a lot of stuff, but at least we’re mobile. We’re heading to Moab next, then Colorado, then we’ll decide where to settle for 2021.

I liked San Francisco. I’d move back once offices, coffee shops, and Barry’s reopen. I’d also go to a new city.

I love cities. I’m young and I want to meet people and make more friends.

But for now, we’re back to the nomadic lifestyle.

Empty apartment